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One of the most widely used therapy techniques by health care providers, available as a pocket portable self-treatment device.

What is Tracpal

What is Tracpal

TracPal is a self-traction device that effectively relieves joint pain in a domestic environment, without third party assistance.

The TracPal device relieves pain caused by wear/tear injuries (e.g. osteoarthritis) in the hip, knee, shoulder, neck and lower back.  When using TracPal, joints are slightly distracted for intra articular relief using your own bodyweight and strength.

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Manual traction therapy is a completely natural way to relieve pain and may reduce the need for medication.

Manual traction therapy is usually given by physiotherapists and other healthcare providers to decrease intra-articular pressure for more space in painful joints, giving immediate pain relief and lasting relief if given on a regular basis.

When to practice manual traction therapy?
-Joint pain caused by Osteoarthritis
-To improve mobility




How it works

Select a method below:

Hip pain

Hip traction therapy

Hip traction is done while laying down on a flat surface. A pulling force will create a gap in the femoral acetabular joint creating immediate pain relief. This can be mimicked with the TracPal device in your own home, hotel and wherever a painful or locked hip might strike you. 

Knee Pain

Knee traction therapy

Knee traction is regularly done while the patient is sitting with the leg hanging off a bench. The therapist will force the leg down along the line of tibia. This is particularly effective for pain control and joint flexibility. With TracPal, the knee traction is done by yourself while laying down and using the help of a yoga block.

Neck pain

Neck traction therapy

Stiffness in the neck and light headaches can be relieved by using TracPal. By stretching the spinal vertebrae with your own body weight, your muscles and tendons will relax, therefore relieving pain from sprains, joints or spasms. Setting up the TracPal device for neck traction takes 30 seconds and you can enjoy the sensations as you relax or meditate.

Back Pain

Spinal traction therapy

Lower back traction (spinal traction) takes the pressure off compressed discs and straightens the spine, therefore giving you pain relief against gravity-induced pain causes. Enjoy the pain relief, proper spinal alignment and the feeling of decompressed joints.

Shoulder pain

Shoulder traction therapy

Shoulder traction helps to increase shoulder mobility and relieve pain caused by impingement syndrome. By gently stretching and relaxing the joint capsule, both the pain and spasms will be relieved.

Professionals say

Carlos Sarmiento Gauti Gretarsson

My name is Carlos Sarmiento. I am a Physiotherapist, Osteopath and Craniosacral Therapist, with 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector. I that think TracPal is a great invention since it helps to improve the ailments of knees and hips, especially the latter. Thanks to traction and joint stretching, it relaxes soft tissues around the joint and releases joint compression. A very positive side about TracPal is that the user can now do the treatment at home without third party assistance. Decreasing joint pain improves the quality of life for people with arthritis and symptoms of joint compression. I have tried TracPal myself and really believe that it will help a lot of people with such problems.


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Support when needed

TracPal is working in collaboration with rehab specialist and yoga instructor Marina.

The traction exercises have been created together with Marina so that each individual can be safe when doing manual traction self therapy.
Reach out to Marina with your questions regarding traction, indications or contraindications:

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