Neck pain – causes, prevention, and how to relieve it at home

Combating neck pain

Pain is a normal part of human life, but that doesn’t make it enjoyable. It’s safe to say that every third person has recently been affected by neck pain, with the biggest percentage being office workers. To help combat neck stiffness, we created this webinar to help you understand your pain and find ways to combat it. In this video, Marina Potjomkina explains the most common neck pain causes and easy exercises you can do at work. Marina is a Yoga teacher and rehab-yoga specialist with over 10 years of experience in this field. She is a Member of the Saint-Petersburg Yoga-therapeutic Association and has graduated from the Institute of Oriental Rehabilitation Methods. Marina believes that the human body and mind are connected and have enormous potential for self-healing. All we need is to change something in our daily life in order to help our wise body to do its job.

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Neck pain causes

As humans, we feel pain with our brains. Instead of looking at pain as something bad, we should look at it more as a helpful tool. Pain signals to us that something is wrong and we should deal with it as soon as possible.

Most of the time when talking about neck pain, we can blame bad posture. It’s easy to forget about keeping your back straight when focusing on something else, such as phones, work, or sleeping. All of those situations can lead to chronic pain.

Another cause for neck pain might be diseases or inflammation in the joints or neck. For those situations, additional treatment might be needed.

The third cause is chronic severe diseases. Always check with your doctor if there’s lasting pain in your neck or other joints to rule out serious illnesses.

Neck pain prevention

The easiest way to prevent pain is to pay close attention to your posture. A posture corrector is an easy way to keep your posture in check. Another option might be a massage, but those can only help for a short time. The best way to prevent pain is by stretching and exercising regularly.

Exercises to relieve neck pain

While working, it’s easy to let yourself go and stay hunched over for long periods.

bad posture example

Example of bad posture

The following exercises are easy to do and only require a chair, so you can do them at your desk while working.

Firstly, try to roll your shoulders back and grab the edges of your chair. Then, while still keeping your back straight, move your head up and backward. Imagine a wall behind your head that you’re leaning against. Keep this position for 30 seconds. You should feel some tension in the shoulders and neck.

Shoulder roll

Shoulder Roll Exercise

Secondly, straighten your back as demonstrated in the last exercise. Then, slowly move your head left and right. Try to only move the connective muscles between the neck and head, instead of the whole neck and shoulder region. Do this exercise for up to 1 minute.

Thirdly, continuing from the last exercise, extend the whole neck to the right. Then, pull your chin towards the neck. Keep moving your chin back and forth, almost like you’re nodding.

Neck stretch exercise

Neck stretch exercise

Try to do that motion 20-25 times. Then, slowly move your neck to the other side and repeat. Don’t forget to check your posture.

These are just a few exercises shown in the first 20 minutes. To find more ways for relieving your pain, watch the full webinar on our Facebook.

Another way to regularly relax your neck and quickly and easily relieve neck pain is using TracPal. Just hook the band around your door, lie down and place your head in the loop and let gravity do its job. You should feel like your head is floating on water. Only 5-10 minutes a day is enough to relieve neck tension and give you a better feeling.

TracPal for neck stretch

TracPal for neck stretching

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