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The idea for TracPal arose from the company’s founder, who himself suffers from osteoarthritis in the hips. To alleviate and treat symptoms caused by the disorder it was necessary to visit a physiotherapist regularly, but life on the move made it complicated. Thus, there was a need for a device that could imitate a physiotherapists treatment regularly at home and during travel. Moreover, this device should be sufficiently light and compact enough to carry around when travelling.

A co-operation with Tallinn Technical University (Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) was initiated. The work to implement idea to product was performed at the University during one semester and resulted in a portable self-treatment device for hip joint disorders. The device evolved further with help of private capital and in close collaboration with rehab specialist and yoga instructor Marina Potjomkina.  The treatment options for neck, shoulder, lower back and knee were added.

Our head quarter is situated in Tallinn, Estonia (EU), where we have close access to our team in-house with IT, design, sales, support and distribution. The TracPal team are at your disposal and we are doing our absolute best to bring you the highest quality products and service possible.


The creation and development of TracPal has received start-up support from Enterprise Estonia.

Program: Start-up Support

Description: Prelab OÜ will bring to the market a new and innovative product – TracPal medical device for home use. This medical device provides pain relief for joint disorders (e.g., osteoarthritis) without the use of medications.


  • On-line Shop / Website
  • Presentation Booklets
  • Instruction Video and Product Photos
  • Labour Cost

Granted Amount: €15.000

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