TracPal Extension Strap

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TracPal Extension Strap


TracPal extension strap is used together with TracPal strap for lower back and neck traction.

It relieves pain, increases joint mobility, and relaxes the surrounding soft tissue.
It’s a fully portable self-treatment device that helps to replicate manual traction therapy of the hip and shoulder, that would normally be provided in a clinic by a physiotherapist, physician, chiropractor, or osteopath.

TracPal extension strap together with TracPal strap can be used for lower back and neck traction without third-party assistance. You pay once and you can help yourself to traction therapy at home, in the office, or during travel.

Adjustable lenght: 42,5 cm – 125 cm

TracPal extension strap is:

  • sturdy
  • safe
  • easy to use
  • hand made in the EU

It helps to regain confidence for a more active lifestyle which is the key fact for keeping your joints healthy.

You can use TracPal before going to bed for:

  • reduced pain
  • better sleep
  • decreased morning joint tightness
  • less fatigue during the day

Exercise and moving is crucial for well-being when suffering from osteoarthritis.


Pain-killers are not the only way to alleviate chronic pain in the hip or knee. Manual traction therapy is a completely natural way to relieve pain and may reduce the need for drugs.

We recommend starting to use TracPal when the first symptoms are noticed, it gives a better chance to live a life with less pain for a longer time and may help to postpone future surgery.

Manual traction therapy decreases intra-articular pressure for more space in the joint, giving immediate pain relief and lasting relief when used on a regular basis.

Read more here: What is manual traction?

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