Aleksander was amazed by the results after using TracPal for a week


Day 1: I was curious to try TracPal and did my first self-treatment session after a 35 km run. During running I felt pain in the left knee. The result was immediate! First I noticed a nice stretch in the calf. Second, the tension in the knee disappeared and most important – recovery after the long-distance run much was faster. I also did not have the usual unpleasant sensation in the pelvis.

Day 2: After a working day I had severe pain in the left knee and a hip. After using TracPal the pain in the knee was relieved and my hip became normal.

Day 3: Made a pause using TracPal just to check my sensations.

Day 4: After hard training, I received a moi-fascial massage. I used TracPal after the treatment and felt it more intense, especially in the hip and ankle area.

Day 5: I felt that recovery happens much faster now and got even better mobility in the hip after using TracPal. The tension disappeared in the lower back.

Day 6: After a lighter training I had a TracPal session and combined it with special breathing and the result was extraordinary: I gained very deep relaxation in the deep layers of muscles and yes, recovery was much faster.

Day 7: After long-distance running, I can surely state that using TracPal gives faster recovery, the feeling in the legs is much better, pelvis became more mobile and I got less pain in the ankles and knees.

I am continuing to use TracPal on regular basis for faster recovery and to keep my pain under control.

I really recommend TracPal for long-distance runners / Aleksander


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