Exercises against hip arthrosis – increased joint mobility means a lot


Lottie Knutson about her osteoarthritis.

Ten years ago, Lottie Knutson began to have a hip pain. The pain caused her to end up in a vicious circle of sedentary, weight gain – and even more pain. With a few minutes of training every day she has regained mobility!

Ten years ago, when she got the first symptoms of osteoarthritis in her hip, she initially stuck her head in the sand. She lived an active life and trained a lot. And osteoarthritis, only affects people over 60? After all, Lottie was only 40 years old at the time. But after a workout cycle, she got severe, acute pain in her right hip.

– Since half the family has osteoarthritis, I suspected early on that it was what I had also suffered, even though I felt too young for it. But within care, my suspicions were dismissed. You did not see anything on the x-ray, she says.

Lottie was pleased with the message, but today she knows osteoarthritis does not need to be seen on x-ray.

– With what I know today, I wouldn’t have been dismissed as easily – and I don’t think anyone else will either! It is important to stand up to be taken seriously.


Her hip pain became a constant companion:

– It was a painful pain and I stumbled and groaned inboard only if I went for a normal walk. I became more and more immobile with time.

Lottie gained weight and felt at least 20 years older than her age. She felt lazy and was full of excuses for not moving. Her self-image no longer matched the sporty and active woman she was a few years earlier.

She went to the physiotherapist every now and then but other things always got in the way. She runs a travel blog and is often traveling. Sometimes she was full of children and family life.

– Going to the physiotherapist became another thing on the to-do list. It just didn’t happen.

Six months ago she had enough. She had to do a new magnetic X-ray and this time you could clearly see that she has osteoarthritis of the hip. In the same vein, she was told about a digital osteoarthritis app and things fell into place. Thanks to the Joint Academy app, she has gained knowledge about osteoarthritis and she gets tailored exercises via mobile every day.

– I don’t need to change and I can do the exercises wherever I am. It goes fast and I can no longer blame myself for not having the time, says Lottie.

It made her decide to do away with both arthritis and self-image as lazy and immobile once and for all.

– I bought a pair of hiking boots just to mark that I should become a person who loves to walk in nature again. The boots are a symbol of my new life.


Already after a couple of weeks of daily exercises, Lottie felt that the arthralgia pain was relieved.

– There is no miracle cure that completely cures osteoarthritis, but I am much better in the hip now. And that only with two exercises a day. I have also lost weight and that makes me not feel as saucy as before. Everything has changed for the better!

Lottie has also started fast walks in the forest. She listens to peppery music and thinks about taking the steps properly.

Every day she gets new exercises on her mobile.

– I do them even if it would hurt. Now I know it is not dangerous to exercise even if you feel osteoarthritis.

She has contact with her physical therapist via SMS.

– If I have a question I can only send a text message to her.

The best thing about the app method for osteoarthritis is that Lottie can no longer find any excuses for ignoring the workout:

– I always carry my cell phone with me in my pocket.

Here are Lottie’s best exercises:

Leg bending exercise against osteoarthritis.

Leg bends in three degrees of difficulty

Do this:

Use a hard chair without armrests.

Level 1:
Stand hip-hop with your toes pointing forward. Cross your arms against your chest. Sit down on the chair without touching it and stand up again. Adjust the depth to your ability.
Repeat 2 x 10 times

Level 2:

Cross your arms against your chest. Put one foot in front of the other. Keep the weight on the back leg.
Sit down on the chair without touching it and stand up again. Both feet should always remain completely in the ground.
Repeat 10 times and then change legs.

Level 3:
Extend your arms for balance help. Lift one foot straight in front of you and keep it in the air throughout the exercise. Sit down on the chair without touching it and stand up again.
Repeat 10 times and change legs.

Hip-strengthening exercise against osteoarthritis.


Do this:

Use a wall, chair back or kitchen counter as a support when performing the exercise. Tighten the abdomen and hold the upper body in an upright position. Remember to perform a small movement with the leg, the movement should be taken out in the hip and not in the back.

Step 1 : Move your leg straight out to the side and then back. Let the toes point forward. Repeat 10 times and then change legs.

Step 2 : Move the leg forward and then back. Repeat 10 times and then change legs

Step 3 : Cross your leg in front of the other leg Repeat 10 times and then change legs.

Step 4 : Move your leg straight backwards (remember to tighten the buttocks!) And then bring the leg back again. Repeat 10 times and then change legs.

This is how the Joint Academy works

  • The treatment takes place via a digital program in the mobile phone and consists of physical activity and education about osteoarthritis.
  • You always have contact with a physiotherapist via your mobile phone.
  • Every day you get tailor-made exercises for your osteoarthritis. They are simple and fast, just because they get rid of them. Over time, they adjust so that they become a little more difficult.
  • The studies that have been done show that the pain decreases and the function of the affected joint increases after six weeks. Many can also reduce the amount of medication.
  • High cost protection and free passes apply.

This is osteoarthritis

  • Osteoarthritis is the most common rheumatic disease. Almost one million Swedes are affected.
  • Symptoms are stiff, sore joints in the knees, hips, hands or feet. It is common for people to feel the most pain in the affected joint at first when it is loaded.
  • Another common symptom is stiffness after sitting still or waking up in the morning. The stiffness then releases.
  • Risk factors for suffering are: Heredity, overweight, physical inactivity, joint damage and congestion.
  • The most effective treatment is physical activity.

Photo: Joint Academy


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