TracPal Yoga block

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TracPal Yoga block


TracPal Yoga block can be used under the knee while using TracPal strap for less strain on the knee capsule and for easier relaxation between intervals. A Yoga block should be used at all times If the user suffers from joint-hypermobility

Yoga Block can also be used to advance your yoga practice, pilates, stretching, gymnastics, or other sports.

The yoga block can as well be used under the foot for better reach during push away as explained in the online manual. TracPal Yoga Block can also be used without a TracPal strap to make yoga poses more accessible, to act as a support, or to add a challenge to develop strength.

It is made of non-slip recycled EVA foam which makes it:

  • light
  • waterproof
  • sturdy
  • durable
  • long-lasting


  • customised blue pearl finish
  • shrink packed
  • round cut edges
  • embossed TracPal logotype


  • Length – 15 cm
  • Width – 7,9 cm
  • Height – 22,8 cm

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